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My Brands are played on Professional Tours around the world.


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McNix Golf - Roy Nix
”I am dedicated to helping you lower your golf scores by fitting your golf clubs to your ability so you can consistently hit better quality golf shots”.

Do Not Buy any Golf Clubs until you get a fitting!
The reason for the fitting is to determine what you need to buy,
Not to adapt what you already bought!
The purpose of the fitting is to determine what head design is best for you, what shafts are best for you, and what kind of clubs you need in your set. What design and loft for your driver, what designs and lofts and how many fairways, how many hybrids, how many irons, how many wedges. All fitted to produce more center face contact at impact for straighter, longer golf shots. What is the best combination of clubs in your bag to help you play better and score better?

Tom Wishon’s 4 Levels of Custom fitting

My 80 - 20 Fitting

Hi, I'm Roy Nix, an AGCP Master Clubfitter, and a Golf Digest 2011 selection as one of the Best 100 Clubfitters in America. a_a_Roy_NWelcome to my web site. I operated McNix Golf as a retail operation for over 10 years. I closed the 4,000 square foot golf shop at the beginning of 2012 and built a fitting studio and workshop at home. Unfortunately my health finally forced me to close the shop because I can no longer put in the hours needed to operate a full time retail store. Now I only do what I love to do 1 or 2 days a week, but I enjoy it as much as ever.
For most of my golfers I provide a Level 3 fitting, for very few golfers I offer, to some degree, some elements of a Level 4 fitting.
...and for those golfers I do not see in my studio who wish to purchase clubs online or call in an order I offer a Level 2 fitting.

(Although I concede that a long distance fitting does not come close to having you here in person to watch you swing, see your ball flight and record your data, there are a lot of ways we can communicate and I can help you improve your golf clubs if you do not have a quality fitter in your area. I have had a lot of success working with golfers around the world and shipping them clubs that improve their game. I see this glass as half full, not  half empty. In most cases the quality of the construction of your clubs alone will improve your consistency if nothing else.)

I reproduced my work shop and fitting studio at my homeWeb Shot of Studio and I will continue to do fittings from the new studio at home, and build clubs from the new workshop. The new studio and workshop has all of the equipment and capability for fitting I had in the Retail store with the small exception of the retail products that I will no longer stock. The only thing missing is climate control because the net is now outside rather than inside and air conditioned. We still have the hundreds of test shafts and test heads and the FlightScope Doppler Radar to test with along with the video cameras, same as before. But what we do have now is a complete putting green and the ability to fit and adjust putters and wedges.

I will continue to remain active helping my wife, Linda, operate the AGCP and continue to be active in the golf community. Fittings will continue to be done by appointment and you can call the shop at 762-821-3148 for an appointment, or you can book an appointment in the shopping cart and I will contact you with the first available date for your fitting. Before you book please be aware there is typically a short waiting period for an appointment, and due to my health I cannot guarantee I will be available 100% of the time for the fitting date. I will give you a date with a “call me that morning to be sure I am up to it” reservation. I hope postponements will be rare but they are a possibility. If you are from out of town I will make every effort to get the fitting in on the date promised but cannot make a guarantee.

If you are a golfer and want a great set of custom made golf clubs, or if you want shafts installed or custom work done on your clubs all of that will continue to be available for you. I'm not quitting, but due to my health and other interests I am cutting back on how many hours I can devote to the fitting business.

As before I will do fitting on Tuesdays and Thursdays only but will try and work with you when I can if those days are prohibitive for you.

If you are a golf professional and you have a golf shop and want a line of high quality custom clubs made to order for your members, or your golf shop, contact me at 762-821-3148 or Email me at I am working on a catalog of exclusive original designs and brands that I will offer. There will a very limited number of clients I can handle but if I have the capacity I will be happy to build clubs for your shop. Please call for details

Services offered:
  • Custom Clubfitting by a Golf Digest 2011 selection as on of America's Best 100 Clubfitters
  • Custom Clubs custom made with original original designs and brands, made for you based on your fitting results
  • Custom Clubs made to your specifications for you
  • Stock sets made to the same, or higher, specifications as the leading Nationally advertised brands but with a much wider selection of head designs, shaft selections and grip selections
  • Putter Fitting
  • Custom Putters
  • Wedge Fitting
  • Custom Wedges
  • Loft Fitting
  • Lie Fitting
  • Custom Set Selection (what clubs you need in your bag)
  • Golf Game Management
    1. Scoring tips
    2. Chipping
    3. Wedge play
    4. Course management
  • Golf Fitness Instructions
  • Speaking Engagements










Videos below are from the old shop but other than the retail the new fitting studio has the same set up and capability and even better video lighting.



The following video was from August 2011. I received an email from Bill on in August 2012 that reads:

Hello Roy from muggy Albany, GA.  I've been working hard on my game and wanted to let you know how it's going.  I still love my clubs and used them quite effectively a couple of weeks ago.  I entered a 3 day individual tournament at Killearn CC in Tallahassee.  I had a very consistent weekend and ended up winning my flight.  I took home the pro shop merchandise along with a very nice trophy and some great memories.  Last weekend I posted a 76 & 80 back here in Albany.  I am very comfortable with my sticks now and continue to shave down my handicap.  Getting fitted was one of the best things I've ever done for my golf game.  Thank you.

I'm coming through Columbus this soon and I’d like to stop in, say hello and take a peek at your new location. Thanks again Roy. 

Bill Thomasson

Very Satisfied Customer
Albany, GA

12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game by Tom Wishon

Click on the links below to hear Tom Wishon tell you about each of the 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game.

Files are Windows Media Audio (WMA) and require the free windows media player that you can download by clicking here if you do not have it installed on your computer already.

I attended the PGA Business School in 1968 and spent a week on stage with Bob ToskiToskiBob as his swing demonstrator and learned first hand about the golf swing from one of the best teachers of my day. Bob’s instruction dramatically improved my overall golf game and I set or tied a number of course records over the years.

After leaving golf for a time I returned in 2002 and dedicated my self to learning how to fit golf clubs and build custom golf clubs to help other golfers play better golf. I attended schools at GolfSmith, Golfworks and the Professional Clubmakers Society for club building, clubfitting and advanced clubfitting. In 2009 I earned the distinction as an Assoc. of Golf Clubfitting Professional “Master of Golf Club Technology” and in 2011 was selected by Golf Digest Magazine as one of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters.

I use a FlightScope Doppler Radar unit for fitting along with several video cameras and have an extensive set of test shafts and test heads that I use to test golfers for the correct shaft flex, shaft profile and head designs.

With my fitting system the golfer gets to hit the actual clubs he will purchase based on the results of the various swing tests. Clubs are fit to the golfer’s ability to maximize consistency in distance, horizontal and vertical dispersion and overall accuracy. By being more consistent the golfer can depend on more solid contact and swing path which results in more fairways hit, more greens hit and the ball landing much closer to the target with all clubs. This adds up to hitting the ball from the fairway more often with a lower lofted club, which is more accurate, and more shots closer to the pin which results in fewer putts per round and lower scores.

Club building is a process of matching the fitting parameters with each club in the set for a matched set of clubs that are matched to the golfer’s swing and ability. The clubs are not mass produced but individually constructed to match each club in the set. This process takes longer but is well worth the short wait. All shafts are matched by a process of measuring the butt section, mid section and tip sections to equalize the shafts. They are then measured with a laser device to true the shafts and eliminate manufacturing variations due to the manufacturing process itself. The clubs are weighted and balanced to MOI standards much more precise than any swingweight progression I know about.


Benefits of Custom Fitting

  • More Center Face Hits
  • More Consistency
  • More Accuracy
  • Longer Tee Shots
  • Longer Iron Shots
  • More Fairways Hit
  • More Greens Hit in Regulation, and
  • Closer to the pin.
  • Shorter approach putts
  • More putts at birdie
    Which results in...
  • More 1 putts
  • Fewer 3 putts
  • Lower Scores
  • More enjoyment playing the game

Most golfers, regardless of their ability will receive most if not all of the above benefits from a fitting and having a set of clubs custom designed and built for their ability, athleticism and skill level. This will result in them having the right head and shaft combinations at the precise weight and balance for them, and having the right mix of clubs in their bag. The higher the golfers handicap the more room they have to improve.

  1. Best - Book a fitting, come in and let me analyze your golf swing and build clubs to my exacting standards to fit the way you swing.
  2. Better - Fill out my online fitting form and let me build a set using my exacting standards to fit your specifications from the online fitting process.
  3. Good - If you know what you need order a set and I will build you a set of clubs using my exacting building standards your personal preferences using my building methods.

The studio walls are filled with test shafts and test heads.

I analyze your results on our FlightScope Doppler Radar system
and our array of video cameras using CSwing.

12myths book new

Click here or on the picture of the book to read a PDF of
12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game, by Tom Wishon, is a 32-page booklet of key excerpts from Tom Wishon’s award winning and best selling book, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club. Intended as a teaser for the full Search book or as a means for busy golfers with a short attention span to glean the key information from the Search book, the 12 Myths booklet is a quick resource for learning the most important facts about golf clubs today.

Or click here to view a PowerPoint presentation of the 12 Myths

Or you can look to your left and click on the 12 audio files by Tom Wishon to hear Tom explain the 12 Myths one by on in his own voice. You will need Window Media Player to hear the audio files.

One of the most important aspects of my fittings will be to help you determine exactly which golf clubs you need in your bag to score best and enjoy the game more and overcome the 12 Myths that may be holding you back from your best golf.

Long Distance Fitting:
If you are not local and you don’t have a qualified fitter near you, you can request a fitting from from me and I will work with you via email to figure out how to build your clubs. There are any number of characteristics that show up in your golf shots and can be corrected to a large degree by simply identifying how you hit certain shots. There are a few things that will be helpful in fitting you long distance if you can access them.
  • Access to a launch monitor for some basic information.
  • Access to clubs with different shafts and head designs that you can hit and relay the results to me after you hit them.
  • For drivers you need also different lofts to check trajectory.
  • Access to a camcorder to take videos of your swing for me to watch.
  • A digital camera to take still pictures of your address position from the front and from down the line of the ball flight.
  • A roll of lead tape to weight your clubs while experimenting with different shafts and heads.

The downside is you will not be able to measure the exact loft or lie on any clubs so the pictures will have to give a reference for an educated guess for those details.

Regardless I can  help most golfers quite a bit without them being here even though we can’t fine tune some aspects of the fit. Once we agree on what you need you can order a set from my shopping cart and I will build them to the specifications we determined during your long distance testing. I'm sure with my background and experience I can help you more than a part time sales clerk in a big box store who is trying to sell you what they have in stock. Email and ask for a fitting form.

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